Available iPhone Web Application JavaScript UI Library/Frameworks

Available iPhone Web Application JavaScript UI Library/Frameworks

I'm starting a web application that will target Mobile Safari on iPhone/iPod Touch. I'm evaluating the available client-side JavaScript/CSS libraries/frameworks that are currently out there.

These are the ones I'm currenlty aware of:

Are there any others out there? I want to make sure I'm not missing any before I make a decision. I'm only looking for client-side JavaScript/CSS solutions and building one from scratch isn't an option because of time constraints. No server-side PHP, Ruby, Python, Java, etc. solutions.

I am aware of the iPhone web applications, templates, frameworks? question that was asked, but this only mentioned iUI and UiUIKit.

Thank you

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PhoneGap isn't exactly what you're asking around , although is any thing you might want to be aware of. It's a wrapper for making iPhone apps using HTML/CSS/JavaScript..


My personal preference is jQTouch. It's a great framejob to job with and includes both javascript and CSS assets to make web applications this really commit the feel of native applications.. For accessing the lower level functionality of the native device, you must always wrap your HTML files, JS + CSS + jQTouch assets into a native app using any thing like phonegap, rhomobile or appcelerator, however, this does require a mac to compile and deploy the native application to the appstore. . Certainly most of the things I am looking at are just web applications, so jQTouch does the job nicely. Did a blog post combining my thoughts in my detail on my blog, link below:. iPhone and Android Web Application Frameworks.


QuickConnectiPhone has what you are asking for. There is a custom project type for Dashcode this allows you to quickly create your app. If you then want to run it installed on an iPhone or touch you must then drop it into Xcode and compile it up.. It includes wrappers for AJAX and the SQLite database this exists within the Safari browser on the iPhone and touch.. You must receive it at. http://sourceforge.net/projects/quickconnect/. More information is available at . http://tetontech.wordpress.com.


JQTouch is not really an app dev framework..it is a style and animation "wrapper".. QuickConnect provides start to finish app development on iphone, droid, and blackberry. The iphone is the most complete.. It must incorporate JQTouch for look and feel and is well-documented.. PhoneGap must be used in conjunction with JQTouch as well although in my experience PG documentation and instruction is harder to find..


I would second jQTouch. It uses native CSS animations and behaves reasonably smoothly on my iPod Touch..


I second jQTouch being a great full featured solution. But if you are just looking for a JavaScript library I'd recommend XUI. The syntax is based on jQuery although the library is tuned for mobile development..


The folks at DHTMLX also have a mobile library. DEMOS: http://dhtmlx.com/touch/samples/.


use http://jquerymobile.com/ it is well supported by industry leaders .


I like Uranium. It's a lightweight set of widreceive s. (It also includes the XUI framework). I find jQuery too bloated for mobile use. I need a smaller library. Uranium is a bunch of pre-defined widreceive s, which I find pretty useful for most functions I want to perform on a mobile site..


There is also jPint.

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