iPhone web apps running as native apps

iPhone web apps running as native apps

The browser on the iPhone is capable of using advanced web technologies introduced in HTML5. One of these is the app cache that allows web pages to run on the client, from the cache, without a connection to the internet. Together with Local Storage you can also save data permanently "in" the page.

My question is, would it then be possible to make a website that when visited and set as a web clip (bookmark on the home screen), could be accessed again, at any moment. Using HTML5, Javascript and css, you can make some very good apps and at the same time avoid the pricey developer fee, the harsh app approval and the single platform development platform?

Or am I just dreaming?

MVC and the communication between them. What did i miss?


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Yes, what you describe is certainly possible. What is something you wish you had known sooner about the iPhone SDK?You must take advantage of Apple's support for the HTML5 app cache by creating a manifest file indicating which resources are to be cached, and specifying this file from within the HTML page of your web app. How do I center a UIImageView within a full-screen UIScrollView?Details on how to did this are in Apple's documentation.. SSLHandshakeException unknown_ca apns java Update: I have tried this on my own web app, and it works. NSMutableArray containsObject method not detecting objectYou have to make sure this the manifest file is served as type text/cache-manifest, like it says in the documentation. Adding unique objects to Core DataAlso, I don't know how long Safari is guaranteed to keep the files cached. Using an existing C++ engine on the iPhoneI have found this manually clearing Safari's cache will clear the cached web app files as well, even for a web app link saved on the device's home screen..


You may want to take a look at mobione - http://www.genuitec.com/mobile/.


By using the following method we've actually made a android and iphone app wrapped in phone gap. It's ONLY a web app although you wouldn't know it ;). http://www.kintek.com.au/web-design-blog/developing-for-the-iphone-and-ipad-by-runing-os-x-10-6-snow-leopard-on-a-pc/.


I have been building a native html app with iui and Iweb up scripts and installer called Sentenza, I am doing the app to test Sentenza for a review.. But all said there is still lack of easy framworks for a user I am sure it be easy to make a cental js script this as default actions like the although ton commands for a new page. I think this could be possable to redid the html 5 seen and there is no need for cashing as Sentenza far as I know already enabls this long as your use a ajax call and not a index.html call it works . and its simple I have (a lalala ="Pagename.page" ) or if the page is just small then i must did a ancker command thats also contactlled by JS and css as far as i know .
body div id="home" title="home" selected="true"   div id="link1" title="New Page" 
I look like a new page.
I am a noob when it comes to all this although if i making these to job and look like native app then I feel this kinda things should be stream lined, I not sure how i could did this although I am sure i could make a simple mainframe framjob this never needs to be opened or edited for the end user they just include the meta and css tags and off they go if your intested in helping me did any thing like this please email webmaster (at) mokodev (Dot) info I want to make this framejob free although also based on the already known IUI and IWeb frameworks, the mainframe would job on any OS as it be just flat css and js files although if i must receive it to job i must also try make a windows IU template builder this would enable people receive started. .

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