Javascript for “Add to Home Screen” on iPhone?

Javascript for “Add to Home Screen” on iPhone?

Is it possible to use Javascript to emulate the Add to Home Screen option in Mobile Safari's bookmark menu?

Something similar to IE's window.external.AddFavorite(location.href, document.title); possibly?

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The only way to add any book marks in MobileSafari (including ones on the home screen) is with the builtin UI, and this Apples does not provide anyway to did this from scripts within a page. How do I center a UIImageView within a full-screen UIScrollView?In fact, I am pretty sure there is no mechanism for doing this on the desktop version of Safari either.. SSLHandshakeException unknown_ca apns java
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I had the same issue and there is (rightly, probably) no way to add it programatically, although came across this great little snippet which prompts the user to did it and even points to the right spot. How do I set these break points in ~/.gdbinit? Works a treat..


Ananother script this triggers an 'Add To Home Screen' popup:


There is an open source Javascript library this offers any thing related : mobile-bookmark-bubble.
The Mobile Bookmark Bubble is a JavaScript library this adds a promo bubble to the bottom of your mobile web application, inviting users to bookmark the app to their device's home screen. The library uses HTML5 local storage to track whether the promo has been displayed already, to avoid constantly nagging users.. The current implementation of this library specifically tarreceive s Mobile Safari, the web browser used on iPhone and iPad devices..


This is also ananother good Home Screen script this support iphone/ipad, Mobile Safari, Android, Blackberry touch smartphones and Playbook ..

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