iPhone web application development [closed]

iPhone web application development [closed]

I would like to create a website that is iPhone-friendly ... that looks like an iPhone app, but is really on the server, just like Gmail for iPhone.

My understanding is that this is how Apple originally had planned for application development to happen. However, I can't find documentation on how to do this. Is there a link or something?

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I suggest using iWebKit. SHowing Activity Indicator View Using Thread Shows This Error in gdb?It has any nice examples on how to develop such applications and it makes it really easy.. Unable to push notifications to iPhone in .NET - .PEM certificate problem? You must choose your backend to be anything you like (PHP, django, ASP...). What's the difference between using obj-c accessors and using dot syntax?
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without knowing if you're in a Windows or a Mac environment, I must point to both..
  • on Windows use Aptana with iPhone plugin to develop iPhone webapps (I guess they remove it, you must use the iPhone plugin with the Eclipse)
  • on a Mac, use the XCode.
There are plenty of ways to accomplish the same propose, for the reason this I did .NET code and mostly ASP.NET I prefer the Visual Studio environment and with this I use the iUI javascript library this gives me the ability to provide iPhone webapp like, and use the PhoneGap library to receive the most of the core feature that, as you must imagine, are not available for webapp.. I also recommend this you register in the Apple Develop Community, the Safari Developer Center (witch includes the WebApps Dev Center), for this, it is free, and you must submit your webapp to Apple through this Developer Center.. Check out any links, specially this one this tells you a lot around the iPhone and WebApps.. If you want to receive your hands in a book, I recommend (ISBN 0470251557) Professional iPhone and iPod touch Programming: Building Applications for Mobile Safari (Wrox Professional Guides) it is exactly around developing webapps with iUI..


If you'd like to have any of the iPhone's libraries (geo, accelerometer, vibration, etc) available to your webapp via a Javascript API, then you must roll your webapp into a native iPhone app using PhoneGap..


Here are any resources to receive you started:.


If you are on a Mac, the IDE Dashcode this ships with the apple developer tools has all the required templates for doing this sort of thing really easily..


I must recomment the iPhoneWebDev group.. There you must find loads of questions, answers and tips regarding the web app development for iPhone..


Here is a link to a list of any great resources when developing web applications taylored to the iphone: Apple Dev Resources.


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