What's a Java alternative to Google App Engine for developing iPhone Push Notification services?

What's a Java alternative to Google App Engine for developing iPhone Push Notification services?

I'm a Java programmer who is working on an iPhone application. I'd like it to use Push Notification services.

I originally thought I could use Google App Engine to provide the payloads to Apple, but I see now that it won't be possible because App Engine doesn't support the low-level socket programming that is needed to communicate with Apple.

Are there any alternatives to Google App Engine that let me use Java?

In brief, I'm wondering if there is a free hosting platform that supports Java and Socket Programming

UPDATE - since writing this question I've written an app that uses Urban Airship to act as a middleman between GAE and APNS. It works just swell. There is an app engine issue on this - http://code.google.com/p/googleappengine/issues/detail?id=1164 if you'd like to follow, but personally I've decided that this isn't really something that GAE should be doing. Just use Urban Airship.

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Urban Airship provide RESTful web services for sending iPhone push notifications. only character - not special/numbers from keyboard - iPhoneThis cookbook example shows how to use it from GAE using Python; I assume this must be done in Java also.. iphone web page transitions
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Though as yet it's vaporware, keep an eye on App Notify as well. How do you get the viewport scale after pinch/zoom on an iPhone web app?Urban Airship looks pretty cool, although doing the math in my head, I'd end up paying them hundreds of dollars a month for an app this I'd have a hard time selling for more than $0.99..


Like Justin said (thanks random evangelist), AppNotify is launching nearer to the end of this month. We're just finishing up a few admin screens and doing any final tests. The pricing will be better structured than Urban Airship, and with a enough better interface.. If you want any thing in particular or more info, send me an email personally at adam.m@selectstartstudios.com. We're using it to develop our own products, although if we've missed a corner case I'd like to know around it.. Good luck.


You must did it yourself with an Amazon EC2 cluster. They have a nice Eclipse plugin for easily spawning Tomcat instances and remote debugging Java applications..


You must also check and follow these guys. It seems they are working on different stuff onto APNS integration. check out ns4app . Edit : They are changed their names and products ? forreceive my previous link. Check out MonoPush Project.

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