How do you get an iPhone's Device Name in C#

How do you get an iPhone's Device Name in C#

I'm writing a C# winforms application that will transfer files from an iPhone or iTouch using the Manzana library.

My iPhone is called Mark's iPhone and I want this to display in the application. I can't find any simple way of finding this. Can anyone help. Please!

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Pardon the vague answer, although I don't have the manzana sources in front of me. Program to change the phone numbers a call is redirected to if a mobile phone cannot be reached?. How to change UITabBar Selection color To receive the device's name, you need to call the AMDeviceCopyValue() function with the reference you have to the device and the key "DeviceName".. iPhone SDK: GameKit and large files + connection lost Pseudocode:. remove every type of subview from uiscrollview?
AMDeviceCopyValue(device, 0, "DeviceName"); 
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First, go download the iTunes COM SDK. Create a new project and reference the library. I don't know anything around the library you're talking around , although I imagine it's built off of the SDK, so you may already have a reference.. The C# source code snippet below should receive you the name of your iPhone. If it doesn't work, try ITSourceKindDevice instead of iPod..
iTunesApp app = new iTunesAppClass(); IITSourceCollection sources = app.Sources; foreach(IITSource s in sources) { if(s.Kind == ITSourceKind.ITSourceKindIPod) {    Console.WriteLine("Type: " + s.Name); } 

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