Killing HTML nodes from shell

Killing HTML nodes from shell

Need a solution to kill nodes like <footer>foobar</footer> and <div class="nav"></div> from many several HTML files.

I want to dump a site to disk without the menus and footers and what not. Ideally I would accomplish this task using basic unix tools like sed. Since it's not XML I can't use xmlstarlet.

Could anyone please suggest recipes, so I can ideally have a script running 'div class="toplinks"' *.html to prune the bits I don't want. Thank you,

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Just to drive you regex haters nuts, try this on for size:. sed ':a;$!N;$!ba;s/B/-B/g;s/A/BB/g;s/<\/foo>/A/g;:b;s/<foo>[^A]*A//;tb;s/BB/A/g;s/-B/B/g' foo.html. With foo.html being:.
<header> keep me <foo>gtg</foo> </header> <foo> delete me</foo> <foo>gtg</foo> <foo>gtg</foo> 
Otherwise must any one did a cmdline HTML5 parser please. Thanks. x.

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