Query size of block device file in Python

Query size of block device file in Python

I have a Python script that reads a file (typically from optical media) marking the unreadable sectors, to allow a re-attempt to read said unreadable sectors on a different optical reader.

I discovered that my script does not work with block devices (e.g. /dev/sr0), in order to create a copy of the contained ISO9660/UDF filesystem, because os.stat().st_size is zero. The algorithm currently needs to know the filesize in advance; I can change that, but the issue (of knowing the block device size) remains, and it's not answered here, so I open this question.

I am aware of the following two related SO questions:

Therefore, I'm asking: in Python, how can I get the file size of a block device file?

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def receive _file_size(filename):     "Get the file size by seeking at end"     fd= os.open(filename, os.O_RDONLY)     try:         return os.lseek(fd, 0, os.SEEK_END)     finally:         os.close(fd) 
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import fcntl import struct  device_path = '/dev/sr0'  req = 0x80081272 # BLKGETSIZE64, result is bytes as unsigned 64-bit integer (uint64) buf = ' ' * 8 fmt = 'L'  with open(device_path) as dev:     buf = fcntl.ioctl(dev.fileno(), req, buf) bytes = struct.unpack('L', buf)[0]  print device_path, 'is around ', bytes / (1024 ** 2), 'megabytes' 
Other unixes will have different values for req, buf, fmt of course..


Trying to adapt from the another answer:.
import fcntl c = 0x00001260 ## check man ioctl_list, BLKGETSIZE f = open('/dev/sr0', 'ro') s = fcntl.ioctl(f, c) print s 
I don't have a suitable computer at hand to test this. I'd be curious to know if it works :).

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