QT qmake lowercases my custom widget names

QT qmake lowercases my custom widget names

I'm using QT 4.6 on Linux and Windows, and on Linux, it insists on including my QScrollPane by qscrollpane.h


HEADERS += widgets/QScrollPane.h  

The section from mainform.ui

<widget class="QScrollPane" name="ListView">  <property name="geometry">   <rect>    <x>0</x>    <y>0</y>    <width>500</width>    <height>490</height>   </rect>  </property> </widget> 

The ui_mainform.h file:

 #include <QtGui/QStatusBar>  #include <QtGui/QTabWidget>  #include <QtGui/QWidget>  #include <qscrollpane.h> 

This isn't a big deal on Windows or Mac, but on Linux it's downright annoying. I could create a symlink to solve the issue, but I want to find the root cause.

Regards, -Chris

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