Where are my ruby gems?

Where are my ruby gems?

Linux newbie question I guess..

How can I find out where gem installs the gems on my Ubuntu 10 system? I want to read gem sourcecode and perhaps change things up a bit.

Setup SVN/LAMP/Test Server/ on linux, where to start?


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Running gem environment should commit you a fair bit of information around your RubyGems installation. How to implement a timeout in read function call? The field you're looking for is 'INSTALLATION DIRECTORY'.. Can my thread help the OS decide when to context switch it out? That said, if you want to modify any gems, there may be better ways to go around it. Why my linux signal handler run only once Most gems, for example, are hosted on github.com. Cannot press QPushButton in a simple program If you make a fork there and make any improvements, you must submit them back to the maintainer in the form of pull requests. Shared objects (.so) static linking and opening other shared object, is the static library code shared between them? Most developers are happy to accept patches (that's why they're on github, right?), and you receive a warm fuzzy for making the world a slightly better place for everybody else using this gem.. JBoss 4.0.5 startup takes 15 minutes deploying a single war file


From your application directory you must run bundle show rails to reveal the path of a specific gem.. Jump to the directory like this .
cd `bundle show rails` 
Quickly open a gem in Sublime.
subl `bundle show rails` 

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