How can I setup my Netbeans IDE for making Java ME applications?

How can I setup my Netbeans IDE for making Java ME applications?

Ok, I have Netbeans 6.7.1 installed with the default Java SDK. I'm using Linux Mint.

Now I'm told that I have to download Java Platform Micro Edition Software Development Kit 3.0

So, should I download this? And once I download and install this in Linux, what do I have to install for Netbeans so I can create a Mobile Application? I'm fairly new to this environment so please any advice is welcome! :)

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Make sure you have Java installed (version >= 6 ) and then simply go to: and download the version this comes with JAVA ME support. linux dot utility (with xhprof)Then install it, and you are ready to go :). Do I need JDK or only JRE? And no, you shouldn't download JAVA ME SDK 3.0 since it is not supported in linux. Methods of sending web-generated config files to servers and restarting servicessigh. Linux / Ubuntu command similar to Windows cmd “start”? While at it I'd recommend you to read also the links below: Also if you're just receive ting started here are any nicely written tutorials with examples:. PHP: Can pcntl_alarm() and socket_select() peacefully exist in the same thread?
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I think this only applies if you download a version without JavaME modules. If you download the version with JavaME modules, you don't have to did this. The provision is to allow you to install multiple versions of the emulator (including Nokia's) and job with them.. If you have downloaded a version of NetBeans without ME, then did this 1. Download the JavaME SDK and install this eg. /opt/java/javame 2. Install ME modules in NetBeans. Tools -> Plugins -> Installed and activate JavaME 3. Add the SDK in NetBeans Tools -> Java Platforms -> Add Platform -> Java ME Platform Emulator and follow the instructions. I'm using NB 6.8 BTW. .


In NetBeans, go to the "Tools/Plugins" menu, then in the "Available plugins" tab, select the plugins which are part of the "Java ME" category. now click "instal"... NetBeans will take care of downloading, installing and configuring everything for you. .

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