Low level Android Debugging

Low level Android Debugging

Is there a way to trace through function calls at the lowest levels of the Android system? Right now when I debug in Eclipse, it goes through the source files that are located inside the frameworks folder, but is it possible to go even lower? For example show what functions are being called from the libcore folder. I am also interested to find how it communicates with the linux kernel at the bottom of the layers. Is there a way to do this? Thanks

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The lowest level you must go with eclipse debugger if you add all framejob source folders is up to JNI calls (the layer this interfaces with native code).. PHP: Can pcntl_alarm() and socket_select() peacefully exist in the same thread? If you want to go lower you need to use gnu gdb debugger, here you will find a guide on how to use it.. how to see contents of a.out file?
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I guess the easy way would be compiling your own version of android from http://android.git.kernel.org/ and making it debuggable..


In all cases mentioned below, first you need to be root on the mobile phone.. At each process level, you must use "strace" (available from android SDK which u must copy into the phone).. http://tthtlc.wordpress.com/2011/02/06/analysing-the-softkeyboard-in-android/ http://tthtlc.wordpress.com/category/android/page/5/. At the kernel level, depending on the phone's ftrace config flag (although most phone's kernel config followed this of Google ASOP):. http://tthtlc.wordpress.com/2011/12/29/playing-with-ftrace-option-on-my-xperia-arc-s/.

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